Bandera 100k: #seeyouinsquaw

8:06 at Bandera 100k USATF National Championship (results) was good enough for second place and a second year of getting a golden ticket entry into Western States.


Thank you to Tejas Trails for putting on a great event, all the support from friends, family and the running community as well as HOKA ONE ONE and Stance. I could not have done it without my one woman amazing support crew Jenny, you’re the best!

Strava gps data

Full race report to follow…


3 thoughts on “Bandera 100k: #seeyouinsquaw

  1. Awesome stuff, Chris. Looking forward to seeing how your second run at States goes. And I love your race write ups, they’re full of great details. Speaking of which, why the double watch (HR/GPS/fitness tracker/etc.)?

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    • Hey Brian! Thanks for the support bud!

      I wore a Suunto Ambit 3 GPS watch for time, pace, heart rate data, and post race analysis. In a race like Bandera, it was mainly used for the time piece as pace is all over the place given the highly varied terrain. I used the Heart rate data as a guide and to reinforce I was working hard enough. I took off the heart rate monitor at mile 52 ish. In longer races I also tend to wear a standard simple stop watch as back up if my GPS dies.


      • A simple stop watch for back up. That’s great! And I love the feedback of HR training, and it’s always cool to hear how others are using it.


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