I’m Chris DeNucci:

Physician, scientist, and trail/ultra runner. I have a passion for challenge, nature and enjoying life which meet on the trails.

I am a professional runner for HOKA ONE ONE

Claim to fame: Southern Marin Beer mile champion 2014

Fun fact: I have no colon.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Chris; so good to meet you. I used to work with your dad and continue to enjoy his sage advice and hearing about your running adventures. Although not anywhere near your level of training/activity, check out “Horizontal Tread” sometime where I post my trip logs: http://horizontaltread.blogspot.com/ .

    I also would be interested to hear your opinion of Sisson’s “Primal Endurance”, see:(https://www.amazon.com/Primal-Endurance-chronic-carbohydrate-dependency/dp/1939563089 )


  2. Hi Chris,

    At MightyGoods we try to inspire people to do something interesting with their lives.

    You have surely done something interesting already, so I think you could inspire a lot of our readers.

    We would therefore love to ask you a few questions and feature an interview with you on our site MightyGoods, https://mightygoods.com/

    Ok if I send you a few quick questions that you can answer by email?



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